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Caring for Moms

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During Pregnancy, many women are pampered and catered to more than any other time in their lives. But what happens after the baby arrives? Often attention shifts from the mother to caring for the new born baby. Yet, new mothers also need plenty of rest and attention after the rigors of childbirth.


The postpartum period begins after the birth of the baby and ends when the mother’s body returns to its pre-pregnant state. This period usually lasts six to eight weeks. Often the mother focuses all of her energy in the care of her newborn baby, while not allowing herself to rest and recover physically and emotionally after childbirth. New mothers need lots of rest, good nutrition and plenty of help during the first few weeks. Doing so will help the new mother regain energy and strength she needs to fully recover.

mom with new born baby

extra set of caring and trained hands to assist you with:

  •  Bed rest during pregnancy
  •  Preparing and Organizing
  •  Assistance for families with multiple births
  •  Assistance and supervision of new baby and other minor children
  •  Special nutrition followed for nursing mothers
  •  Light Housekeeping
  •  Laundry
  •  Meal Preparation
  •  Errands and Shopping
  •  Body massage for mom
  • Pet Care
  • Light Gardening & Plant Care

We Offer:

  •  Hourly Care
  •  Live-in
  •  Shift Care